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Computers made for you ....

I have been building computers for over 5 years.

The advantage to you is that I can tailor a computer to your needs. I dont add things that arent neccasery, and supply top of the range parts to meet your budget.

The price of computers never change. The stores start at £500 for "ex-stock" computers being sold off, to £800-£900 for basic computers. A good computer with addons will come to just over £1,000, and a state of the art "gaming" machine is priced at £1,500 and above.

Between Bapi (a very good friend) and myself, we make stable computers cheaper than the high street or mail order companies. We do this while adding extra in that we feel will be useful to you. We are always cheaper, because we are not adding in our "margin" as high as the retailers. Their margin is between £300 and £500 a computer - depending who they are.

We have basic models drawn up, which we can change to suit your needs. If you would like to see our suggestions please email me from the contacts page, or from below.

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email me :- computers "at" pjlist.co.uk