Third Non-Melee War Readme File

by Herr Lew

Recompiled and joined with NMW I readme by Rookie


I. Basic Facts about Non-Melee Wars:

II. Installation:

Unzip the contents of the file into your ...\lucasarts\xwingtie\combat\ directory. Be sure that the files go INTO the Combat folder. You will be asked to overwrite the Rebel.lst, Imperial.lst, and Mission.lst files. Do so, unless you have previously altered these files (in which case you can backup your old files, or add the NMW III .lst entries to them, be sure to use my .lst numbers or it won't work in mulitplayer). Note that these .lst files DO include the .lst slots for NMW I, so you will be able to access them. However, if you do not have the NMW I .tie files, you will not be able to play the missions (even though you will see them on the list).

These files are 100% compatible with your old missions. You will still be able to play the old missions, and you WILL be able to play with other people online who do not have the NMW missions. They are Additions to what the retail game gives you, they DO NOT substitute anything.

Download the Non-Melee War III Mission Files ( 19Kb)

You MAY distribute these files to others, and post them on your website (and I encourage you to do so). However, you must not alter the .zip or any of the archived files in any way, including the filenames.

III. Tips and Hints:

Go into the game, and look under 'Combat Engagements' to find the NMW III missions, they will be at the bottom of the list.

Over the course of about 25 in-game hours of playtesting, we have come up with quite a few strategies for the NMW missions. I won't spoil them, the real joy is trying out something completely new and figuring out how to win it :) Here are some general things that you should know/think of when playing:

For NMW III, I included a coop mission that simulates a large fleet battle. This mission is a port of the BoP version that I origionally made. This mission is for two Imperial players only (no Rebs). If there is interest in the *better* BoP versions of this mission (which also includes the Rebel perspective), drop me a line at If there is enough interest, I will include the BoP missions in a future release.

IV. Disclaimer:

Although, technically, there's nothing that these files (most of which are just text files) can "do" to mess up your computer (unless you rename one windows.ini or something), the following Disclaimer applies (we have to have our protection):

Dark Jedi Organization (DJO), the DJO Missions Department, (BSC), and all of their volunteers are not liable for any damage, loss of data, data corruption, system failure, hardward damage or any other undesirable results from the use of these files. This is "use at your own risk" software. Use of any or all of these files implies consent to the above terms.

These files may be freely distributed as long as:
A. This Readme.txt file is included.
B. No file has been altered in any way.

End Disclaimer.

I know that sounds scary, but keep in mind, it's just standard stuff. Remember, these files can't mess your system up unless you make a serious effort to do so. Just follow the instructions and you'll be fine. Make sure you have them in the Combat directory!

Have fun with these, we had a lot of fun making them for you!

CDo Herr Lew (