Welcome email

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Hail the Alliance

To: Pilot Recruit


Welcome to Phoenix Squadron.
This mail is to help you settle in, and particularly the Bois and battlestats parts are very important.

First, I am always here to help answer questions and to help in any way I can.
Please feel free to drop me ICQ messages and emails.
Following on are some descriptions and pointers to our Frigate Diablo.

Your command ship -
Please place it in your favourites list.
You should scout the ship to get an impression of the pilots.
You will also have a bio on the ship.
You must create a bios to be able to receive promotions and ribbons.

WoW.- Week Of War (***Very Important***)
Since you joined TFA you can and must fly in WoW.
This war is held on the zone in games above 31.
The password is "wow". To fly you have to register at battlestats.

Comlink - our life line
Where we exchange banter, stories and news.
I hope you will find this fun, and join in as much as possible.

If you want to say more about yourself you can create a bunk, a little site with a personal story.
This is a fictitious story of your coming to be in Phoenix.
Mine is at
Again - I am always here for questions.

Rules: -Presence.
Your activity is required on the comlink (cl), emails and meetings.
You should read the cl and your email at least every two days.
Meetings are every Sunday (Mirc) 20:30 GMT.
If you can't attend please notify me and the Squad Leader.

Supplies Bay.
For proper reports please see the examples here
Every 2nd and 4th week on Thursday - you should get reminders.
ICQ is very useful for us - again the download is here.
Mirc - our meeting software - Sundays 20:30 GMT
Non Melee war mission supplements and other XvT add ons are here.

Finally, be friendly all the time. Greet your fellow TFA'ers
We are all here to have fun.
If they insult you please leave the conversation.
It is probable they just insult you because they think it is
tough to insult the biggest squadron in XvT. And the best.

Of course we have promotions.
And I look forward to our Flight Leaders pinning them on your uniform.

If you have any questions or remarks please let me know

Phoenix Squadron
Euro Wing
Tie Fighter Alliance
Serving the emperor's wishes

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Pearl of Wisdom from Raider :- We serve Phoenix - Phoenix serves no-one!