Desmoquatro's Vision

Chapter 1

A distant and troubled system, consisting of three "M" class planets, two of which have solitary dead moons. They orbit a single, life giving Sun, tainted in red. Its powerful glow warming the surface of the three planets, allowing them the required properties for sustainable life......and death.

The largest planet, a mostly barren desert world, is ruled by Duggan Feines, a man whose sole purpose in life has been to accumulate power and wealth. In his quest for these dsireables, Feines has made many enemies. Never fully charted, the system is unregulated and ruled by war faring narc smugglers. Four days ago, he had sent a priority action message to an Imperial deep space platform. He feared for his life, and his money. He planned to turn the entire system over to Imperial rule, enough money was his, now what he wanted was an "out".

By turning the system over to emperor Palpatines command, he would bargain for immunity, a new identity for himself and his remaining family and resettlement on one of their more civilised communities, and in return the Imperial forces would gain an advance supply port and the work force to enslave to operate it, more importantly, those who had made subtle hints that they did not appreciate his cutting in on their "transactions" would be taken care of.

The coroners report had told him all he needed to know, his son had been killed by an incredible ammount of the latest narcotic to hit the streets, Hula juice, and the bruises on his wrists had indicated that he had been tied down for the injection to be made. Now, Duggan Feines, would have his revenge. Once the bargain was cut, the Imperial Army would not tolerate a society that allowed such goings on, and would ensure all those connected in the narc supply and demand chain ceased their trade in such materials. Especially since they needed this system for its forward supply potential in the ever increasing war effort against The New Alliance.

Almost immediately, his message had been answered. Ncp Nr_50 had a Nebulon "B" frigate within range, it would proceed to make its way to the system at Lightspeed, the El Pollo Diablo was scheduled to arrive today.

Chapter 2

The bridge was the nerve centre of any starship. The El Pollo Diablo was no exception. Its commanding officer, LtC Stele, had ensured all his personnel appreciated the importance of this mission. Any advantage gained in the war was not to be taken lightly. His orders had been sketchy at best, as little was known of the system they were to police or the man who had called them there, but he would not fail his Wing Commander.

The ship had been stood up to battle stations 10 minutes ago, they were almost on top of the system. Two of the three fighter squadrons on board were in the hanger ready for deployment in accordance with the conditions that presented themselves upon their drop from lightspeed. The ships turbo laser defences were also pre-charged and its delfector shields were ready for activation on their return to sub-light speed.

Anxiously, the ships executive officer, Ltn Flamestrike, mentally prepared himself for what may be waiting for them. "Sir" he broke the silence "the El Pollo Diablo is fully at your command" Stele nodded in acceptance.

"Flamestrike, cut the" Steles command finally broke the tension. "Aye sir....Ensign, make it so" Flamestrikes orders were dutifully and instantly obeyed without question. As the streaked lines of the stars returned to their normal spots of distant light, a once quietly tensed bridge became a hive of activity as support staff began their duties. Sweeping the immediate locality of the frigate for anything that could be percieved as a threat. "Deploy flight groups 1 and 2, prepare 3 for immediate dispatch on my command, on their clearance raise the ships shields and ensure all our turbo laser batteries are ready to fire on my order" more activity, from officers all over the bridge now, some speaking into comm links others tapping buttons on their control panel. "Sir, sensor sweep indicates there are no vessels inward bound to our location, furthermore, there appears to be no other starships in flight in this system right now" a sensor tech called out. Over the commlink, more activity, confirmation from the deployed tie interceptors that they had been successfully launched.

"Shields up!" Stele commanded, again the order was completed before the words had left his mouth, all 920 of the crew were professionals, and had been trained to operate at their maximum efficiency.

"FG2, head for the third planet from the Sun, scout its orbit for anything that may be hiding on its far away side.....FG1, remain in close proximity to the Diablo, prepare yourself for anything unsual, and keep your eyes peeled" Stele ordered over the comlink to the waiting fighters. "Understood sir" came the crystal clear reply from the leader of FG2, Ltn Kurtje, a man who had been aboard and served with Stele a long time indeed, he knew what Stele was already thinking. If this was a trap waiting to be sprung, the place to hide any sizeable force was on the distant side of the planet the Diablo was soon to orbit as the planets "shadow" would provide stealth to any craft there. The six interceptors hurried to the third planet.

"Lets keep it frosty gentlemen, stay tight, use short controlled bursts if you meet any threats, redirect laser recharge levels to your engines on my command and high tail it back to the Diablo, FG1 will provide any neccessary covering fire, FG3 standby, launch on my command only" keeping a tight grip on the operation, Stele observed the tactical displays, eagerly awaiting on any news from FG2, the party could be blown anytime, and he knew it.

Kurtje wrestled his interceptor, he kept the craft close to the planets atmosphere, just close enough for the ships side panels to get warm on the friction with the atmosphere. He knew, if he was having a hard job keeping it this tight, so were his men. The six interceptors followed the contour afforded by the planets atmosphere, nothing showed on their scopes. They disappeared from the scopes aboard the Diablo as the sensor blind spot enveloped them. Only by com link could any information be conveyed to the frigate now.

Author: Ens Desmoquatro

Editor: SP Rookie

The Author and Editor have done their best to ensure the accuracy and currency of all information in Desmoquattro's vision. All information is current to 13/4/99 and we can accept no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience sustained by any reader as a result of its information or advice.