by CP Khmer Rouge & CP Mavaric

The nebulon class frigate 'El Pollo Diabolo', home of the Phoenix SQ pilots, silently rushing through the space of the the ngc1666 system, when the drill bell called with it's sharp sound the pilots to assemble in the combat hangar.

The SQ Leaders, Ltn Nr.50 and his XO LtJ Shadow Warrior are going to hail their men.
Nr50: "Well done, pilots, we have cleared this area of any rebel presence, you have done a good job, so, i give the word up to LtJ Shadow Warrior..."
Shadow Warrior: "Ok, now that we passed the third month in this godforsaken system, i know best, that some of you still have probs to come along with this hurrible long days here, btw who can stand 39h days, so, we have decided to organize some party in the cantina tonight...But remember !
Don't overstretch our Navy Captains patience, like u did last time, ok,..dismissed !
Oh, aehem, Ens Piett, come over here !"
Piett: "Yes, Sir."
Nr.50: "Ensign Piett, you told us about your connection to Mulgari smugglers in this sector, well,
You still got this connection?; see we need some good stuff for our men, tonight."
Piett: "Ok, sir, i will ask CP Khmer and SP Chris_007 to scramble into T/F to escort a transport. They will be back right in time with gallons of beer. Thats all?"
Shadow Warrior: "Ok, thats all."

Meanwhile at the craft hangar...

CP Khmer inspects his craft,..hmmm, something is strange upon it, who has freezed it?
Unable to start his vessel Khmer reports to his Flight Leader Piett...

So this is Chris_007 turn now,..he launched and escorts the transport hypernaught towards its meeting with the Mulgari smugglers...after some hours the transport returns out of hyperspace near the frigate,..but where was Chris_007 and his Tie Fighter???

When the Transport Hypernaught docked with the frigate, the Phoenix Pilots couldn't believe what they saw: 120 gallons of original Budweiser beer. The party could have started, but Chris_007 was still missing. So Khmer reports back to his Flight Leader Piett....
Khmer: "He is still out there, I wanna check this but my craft's been disabled. It's, well, its kinda frozen!"
Piett:"Oh well, i didn't knew Madonna was on board, anyway take my T/I and get Chris_007 back, we have a party to mess up! Dismissed!"

Meanwhile in the cantina...

Ltn Nr50 takes the pin and swallowes the Budweiser stuff. *burps*
Nr.50: " oooohhohhahhh, that's a pretty picture, all this hooded men inside here, wait , i feel cold , i have to light a fire in here, hehe, oh cool whats that supposed to be..."
Ltj Shadow Warrior watches the Squad Leader trying to do a fire upon some men, which lied absolutely drunk on the cantina's floor.
Shadow Warrior: "Come on, Nr.50, stop it, we need our men, stop burning them...lez have another bud...come on.right here we go* burps* ahh, what happened to my Squadron Leader"

Both get to the officers couch, where PL Kurtje sits and tries to enlight his water pipe,..
Nr.50: "uuahh, whats inside this pipe? U smoke imperial stuff hey, thats forbidden, getta out of my sight, Kurtje , or we go and check u in the PA-machine, uauahh*blowing junks*"
Shadow Warrior: "Hey, stop it, go for the toilets...Ltn!"
Nr.50: "No, Red Guard is tough, Red Guard makes u feel rough, hehe"

Unfortunately the puke of our Squadron Leader has filled the water pipe and as soon Shadow Warrior and Nr50 went to the toilets, to refresh themselves, LtJ Nunoteixeira came and sat down on the couch..."
Nunoteixeira: "Oh, a waterpipe ! *taking a deep swallow on it*"
Kurtje:" Hey, Flightleader, *dizziness* that's my pipe ! Won't you even think of ...*breaksdown*"

Meanwhile CP Khmer is preparing his craft at the Docking Hangar, when Ltj Nunoteixera came jumping through the bulkhead...
Nunoteixeira: "Hey, Pilot, I got the command on this rescue mission, i got my orders from the Squadron take your craft and keep my back clean...!"
Khmer: "Ok, ok, its Vasco da Gamas turn..."

Leaving short vapour trail in the frigates exhaust, the two tie interceptors heard the voice of LtJ Shadow Warrior: "Now you both listen to me very well, we haven't much time left for this mission,..
Your main objective is to find Chris_007, we have the hyperspace trail of an escort shuttle and two freighters spoted in the sector, which crossed the flight way of his T/F , but I repeat, you must hurry, we can't hold our position because of the shockwave of Mombaari 7. It will effect the Frigate in 17.5 hours, and 15 minutes before that happens, we will have hypered out. Shadow out"

To be continued...