Second Chapter of Steelerīs Diary - Alea iacta est

Written by CMa Steeler

It was around midnight when I arrived in Coruscant.

Coruscant - my homeworld, is one big city that covers nearly a whole planet. Itīs a city with two faces. On one side the nice buildings like the Imperial palace in the upper levels and on the other side the lower levels of the town where the scum of the galaxy found a home. This part of the planet is similar to Tatooine where I come from. The same kind of scum as on Tatooine lives there. As child I never visited the lower levels of the city because it was simply to dangerous. But for my training to become a Sith I had to use this place to train my skills and reflexes to survive in an unfriendly neighbourhood. Later in my life the lower levels of the town were the most visited place as Secret Order apprentice. My undercover missions are used for simulations by the SO now, and yes Iīm a bit proud of myself.

Coruscant - my homeworld, is the central point of the whole empire. Here the politics are made by a handfull people. Itīs the meeting point for the rich and for the famous. Itīs the dream of nearly every loyal member of the empire to own a house on Coruscant. For myself the politics donīt play a big role. For me the upper levels of the city are the place of my childhood, a happy childhood. I had a really good time here and I think back about this time very often. Many people think I couldn't have had a good childhood as granddaughter of the Grand Moff Tarkin. But I know another Willhuff Tarkin, the man behind the ice cold politician and soldier.

Well all together Coruscant is a place for me filled with a lot old memories, mostly good memories.

It was a cold night and the rain was falling down. But even when it would have been a clear night you would never have seen the stars on Coruscant. For this the city was too bright. In all my years on this planet I never saw the stars and mostly I missed them. Well I saw the thousands of stars on the moon of Yavin 4 as I was Sith apprentice with Exar Kun for the first time.

Well now I was home again. I waited a long time for the transitshuttle to arrive and the longer I waited the more I started remembering things I forgot with time. Althought I visited a lot of planets and lived as a vagabound most of my life, Coruscant was the only place in the galaxy I could call home. Something was a bit different this time... I lost the feeling of being welcome. And why? Itīs easy to explain, my grandfathers death took place for over 5 month now and since then I hated all that remembered me about him and so even Coruscant. But I returned, after all I returned... for what and why? Well I was absolutely convinced to face my future now and running away was never a solution. Now I was alone and I had to deal with this in my way. After half an eternity as it seemed to me the transitshuttle arrived and took me in the direction of my home.

It took a while until the shuttle reached the station near my grandfathers house, my house now. Some things will never change and one of themis the traffic problem at Coruscant. Traffic jams all over the place, it had always existed and will exist forever. In the vicinity of my home I really know each blade of grass as far as you can find any. This is another problem of the city, there are only a handfull green parks and they are placed in houses too. Well, my Coruscant has not only good sides but it is my Coruscant and besides the hectic life I really like it. I walked to my grandfathers home but the closer I came the slower I stepped. I felt a big despair as I opened the door. I was home, as the door finally opened I went straight into the house, ready to face the worst. To my big surprise the house was so clean and neat as usually. Well, only one thing was different, Grandpa wasnīt here anymore. I kinda expected that Willhuff Tarkin would enter through a door and tell me: "Ranger, we are at the beginning of a great time for the empire and order and peace. We will destroy the rebel alliance forever and this very soon". These were always his introducing words when he wanted to speak about his favourite project, the Death Star. What an irony of fortune that he died with his absolute weapon destroyed by a few pittyfull and dirty rebels. I closed the entry door behind me and walked very silent into the library. I took a drink and sat down in the favourite chair of my grandpa. I starred at the books and waited for something to happen. Well I think I expected that the books would speak to me because Willhuff loved books and reading. But absolutely nothing happened and so I sat there until morning. I really have no idea how long I sat there.

My waiting phase was interrupted by the old housemaid Jamal. She worked for my grandpa for a very long time. I always saw her as a part of the family. Jamal stared at me as if she saw a ghost:
"Ranger, you here? But... but.... this is really a big surprise... when did you arrive? And why didn't you wake me up? Kid, you must be hungry now. Why the youth becomes so strange?" Well, some things really never change and Jamals behaviour is one of them. She works for my family for nearly 30 years now and for me she is like my mother. She is the only one who calls me kid and well I have to accept this. I think every other one calling me kid would be dead a second later. Many people around us never understand why she stayed here with grandpa and myself. It wasnīt easy with a Grand Moff and a Sith. Also I needed a while to find out the real reason. She loved Willhuff more than everybody could imagine and thatīs why she stayed although my grandpa could be unbearable and unfair sometimes. And so I was really surprised to meet her here, well I expected that she returned to her family straight after Willhuffs death. "Hi Jamal, how are you? Nice that you are still here." "Well Ranger, where should I go? This is my home for over 30 years now. My own family are strangers for me. And afterall I have the feeling I should be here for you. I think it was the wish of your grandpa." She sat down in the chair facing me. "The death of Willhuff tarkin is very sad but always keep in mind he was a soldier and soldiers have to die sometimes." Jamal tried to comfort me, yes this was the Jamal I know. "Now you will hear a lot of bad stories about Willhuff, the rats will come out of their holes and tell lies about him because now they don't' have to fear him anymore. Do not believe them. Willhuff Tarkin was a nice guy but he also had a few bad points like every other human." My answer was: "When you think of his affairs with women... this I already know since a long time. Even the story with Daala. He was and will always be my grandpa and he was always here for me when I needed him. And only this is important for me. I know him better than the others, so have no concern about the future." Jamal nodded slowly and looked at me in a very serious way:
"I shouldnīt ask but what are your plans now?" "Putting things in my life in the correct order" : was my short answer and Jamal did understand. "OK, there's plenty of time for that. Now it's breakfast time. No opposition allowed. Come on kid." As I mentioned before some things will never change.

It was nice to be home again and to have somebody around who cares for you. The rest of the morning I looked throught the business contracts of my grandfather and was once more surprised. He also was an brilliant businessman, the owner of many factories. A lot of work was waiting for me but around noon I decided it was time for a nap. But my peace didnīt take long as my old pal Dan arrived. We knew each other since the kindergarten and we were together in the stormtroops. Now he worked together with the master engineer Bevel Lemelisk. I think they build and create some new super weapons, who knows. So we started talking about the good old times when we both were together in the stormtroops. Suddenly in the middle of a few very good memories Dan interrupted the talk by asking: "Say Ranger and be honest, what do you want to do now? Will you become a businessman and lead the facilities direct or will you become a soldier again?" I looked straight into Danīs eyes: "What do you think?" I could see that Dan didnīt feel too comfortable now: "In my eyes you arenīt born to be a businessman, it will bore you after a while. You were a soldier your entire life. This is your destiny and besides, after all you are a Sith." "Well grandpa always wanted me to join the imperial navy. In fact he was strict against my army plans. In his eyes the army is the cannon food with too high losses. Well , I can not say that the losses in the navy arenīt that much." Dans observation was short and precise: "So you think about joining the imperial navy?" Yes, my old fried knows me pretty well. I answered: "Are you very surprised now?" Dan laughed: "Hell no, not a bit. You always follow your own way and surprise a lot of people, but not me. And besides this I also know you like flying." And with a smile he closed the theme: "Nice , that you finally returned. Welcome back."

After this talk there was no way back for me. The next day I went straight to the recruiting office for the navy. The recruiting officer had a bored look in his eyes and asked slowly: "So, you want to join the glorious imperial navy?" "Sir, yes, Sir!" Very slow the officer searched for the recruiting papers and his glasses. He wasnīt a very friendly or sympathic man but it didnīt matter me. He asked: "Name? Age? Profession?" "Tarkin, Ranger!... age 21 standard Coruscant ages!... Reserve of the stormtroops" Now the officer was the surprised one. He stared at me as if I awe a green Jawa. He stuttered:
"Tarkin? A familymember of THAT Tarkin? And you were already in the army?" "Sir, yes Sir to both questions." Now the officer tried to become the serious recruiter again but he was even more confused than before: "Well, this could give problems with the army, thatīs for sure. Why you want to join the navy now and not rejoining the army? Oh well, this isn't really my concern. OK, next is... have you thought about a callsign?" "Yes, Sir. I would prefer Steeler, Sir." "Hmmm , strange name... Steeler, well if you want that name you should have it. Next is... any idea on what part of the navy you want to join?" "Yes, Sir. I want to become a pilot." "Well ok... and which fleet you want to join? Any ideas ?" "Yes, Sir. I want to become a member of the Tie Fighter Alliance." "Ah, the TFA, one of the bigger fleets. OK, fine. Fine, I seldomly have recruits already knowing what they want to do in the navy. Here are the official recruiting forms, read them, fill them out and complete them with your insignia." "Yes, Sir."

I did this whole thing already for the second time and it didnīt take a long time. The officier: "This we will send to the TFA High Command now and they will decide in which trainingscamp and what trainingscourse you will have to visit. Personally I think you will get into the second class right now because of your knowledge of flying a stormtrooper transport and besides this the TFA is in need of pilots. Your new orders will arrive soon, well I hope. Thatīs it for now. The TFA will also handle the problem with the army, good luck Pilot Recruit." And with these standard words our talk was finished.

When I arrived home again I got a mail from the Secret Order. Once more I found it amazing how fast and efficient the SO works. They were very fast in finding out that I returned. I was always proud to be a member of the SO and so I was very happy to get back to active duty and not only reserves. Only one thing disturbed me, in the SO you never have a piece of freetime. Loads of work and often not the nicest jobs. You have to look out for everybody and you can't thrust anybody. I also noticed that Jamal saw the SO mail already and knew what my plan was. She hated it to see me in an uniform. One part of the behaviour of her that also never would change. And really as I prepared myself to become a pilot I dreamt of heroic actions like every other recruit. Jamal looked at me very cautiously during this period . I can only hope she will understand it sometime.

2 days later I recieved the mail from the TFA High Command. They accepted me as a Pilot Recruit. With this the first step was done. I remember this day as if it was yesterday. I was very proud and honoured and also a little bit excited. I got order to report in at the 53th trainingscorps on Byss. And I really got a place in the secondary class. This class is the place for the recruits in their second and last trainingsyear at the trainingscamp. I was sure I had to work very hard to pass these exams but on the other hand I was absolutly sure that I did the right thing and that I wouldn't fail. As I took my things together for Byss I found my own stormtrooper weapon, my own Concussion Rifle. I never expected that Jamal would keep my uniform and my weapons. I touched the cold polished barrel and decided to take the gun with me. This weapon saved my live an uncountable amount of times and for no price I would let the weapon behind. Maybe this Concussion Rifle would be usefull and besides this itīs the standard weapon of my beloved Secret Order. I noticed that Jamal looked at me for a while already. I smiled at her: "You'll never know for what I could use that weapon. Thank you for keeping it save." Jamal sighed: "Well, your weapon is a part of you. Every time I looked at it you were here with me. I always knew that a time would come for you to return to the battlefield and I feared that day." A short silence followed then Jamal asked with quiet voice: "And you are absolute sure that you want to join the imperial navy?" I nodded: "Yes, Jamal I have to go." "Why?" she wanted to know. "Revenge, revenge for all what the alliance did with my family. Itīs the right time to strike back." Jamal: "Well, I understand. You already made your mind and nothing I would say could change your mind, right? OK, but please be careful in space." I smiled again:"Sure thing, dont feel fear about me. The Alliance will never get me , never." "I hope so."

Next day very early in the morning I left my house to get the ship to Byss. I had chosen a skillfull director to look after about the family business and I also saved Jamals future. But for me a new life had begun and not only a new life also one of the biggest adventures a human can have.

To be continued (or not)....

Author: CMa Steeler

Editor: CDo Rookie

The Author and Editor have done their best to ensure the accuracy and currency of all information in this story. All information is current to 24/06/2000 and we can accept no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience sustained by any reader as a result of its information or advice.