TFA into the ceremony hall, I repeat TFA into the ceremony hall !!!

Written by Steeler.

The next day was coming, last nights party on the Calamari Cruiser Bohica was heavy. As result Steeler was sleeping very deeply and not even a canon shot could wake her up. The whole TRA fleet was out of order and would be beatable but for announcing the league results there was made peace for three days. Togorian and Squires discussed right now how to awake the Director of Events as there was an incoming transmission from the SSD Sovereign. A very angry TFA Fleetadmiral appeared at the screen: "Where is the Director of Events? She should be here already since two hours!? Togorian!!!" Flamestrike stood behind his superior: "Yes, rebels where is Steeler? You didn't captured her or? Don't even think we allow you this!" Togorian went angry too: "Who do you think I am? I don't hijack fellow DJO directors! We had a party last night as you can imagine..." He turned around to Squires and said more calm: "Find a way to wake Steeler, I will try to deal with Rodeo."

To wake up an exhausted Director was a hard task, not even a bucket of ice-cold water helped Squires. Denber stood next to him: "I dont understand, she didn't even drunk a single bit." "Think of a solution Denber, Rodeo is shortly for exploding. Such an incident can end in a war." Right now Bar2D2 came around the corner: "Troubles?" Squires briefed him shortly and the droid smiled: "Look and learn guys." He went over to the Director of Events and said: "Somebody has stolen the TFA trophy." What a bucket of ice-cold water couldn't reach, this sentence did. Steeler jumped on her feet shouting: "What?!" Squires explained what happened and Steeler decided to hurry very fast over to the TFA fleet.

First she had to go to the meeting point at a neutral station, there her escort was already waiting in two gunboats. "There she is, damn Steel... where were you? We already feared that the rebels decided to take you as hostage." "Is that you Raider?" The Phoenix SL answered: "Of course. Did you expect somebody else then your former squad mates?" Steeler laughed: "Well, Flamey get's old, so more or less... no I expected you. Who's second?" "Cobra." "This is what I call, meet with the past. Let's hurry before I get shortened for one head. I have some things to discuss with the Fleetadmirals before the award ceremony is starting."

Four hours later the whole TFA stood in attention in their ceremony hall and waited for Rodeo, Flamestrike and Steeler. They were again late, but finally they arrived. Steeler headed over to the podium to hold her speech. The tension into the hall was feelable, nobody knew who had won. Steeler grabed her TFA folder and started to speak:

"Greetings pilots and officers of the TFA. The time has come to award the best mission flying pilots of the league. The event was very long and to gather the win was a very hard piece of work. First of, I thank every single pilot who spent some time into the mission. Not all could beat every mission and some of you even ended in the medic bay, but you are all winners in my eyes. And so will also the awarding look like. This speech will be a long one, a very long one. It will reflect the outstanding participation rate TFA and especially Wing IV was able to manage. But first of, some words to the final round of the DJO Mission League.

The last round saw again more participation because the mission was more easy then mission four. So TFA managed to get again 34 reports in. To name the pilots who flew would take too long, you know who you are. I congratulate all for your participation, it was again a pleasure. Winner of this round is Lieutenant Commander Nazdakka with a stuning result. Very well done, this balanced nearly that you missed two full rounds of the event. Second place is going to Lieutenant Commander Sacrilegius from Condor and third place to Commander Apocalypse from Phoenix. Congratulations gentlemen for your very good scores. Also the last round was won by Phoenix squadron which managed to link top performance with good scores. Falcon is second this time and to make the Wing IV triumph march perfect Eagle grabbed place three. One word more about this wing, their new formed squadron full of beginners made place five only beaten by Storm squadron. Impressive Condor, very impressive.

Now to the awards for the pilots, as said participation is handeled very high and so every pilot who submitted a result, failed mission or not will recieve a ribbon . Let me explain the procedure, pilots who flew one or two missions will recieve the simple participation ribbon. Pilots who flew three missions will recieve the Participation ribbon in bronze. Pilots who did four missions will be awarded with the Participation ribbon in silver. And the pilots who did all five missions will be awarded with the Participation ribbon in gold. So here we go through the single squadrons:

Rest of TFA

Wing IV

Phoenix Squadron:

Raider - Participation ribbon in gold
Apocalypse - Participation ribbon in silver
Akkon - Participation ribbon in gold
Ace1701E - Participation ribbon in gold
Starke - Participation ribbon in bronze
Katarn - Participation ribbon in gold
The Duke - Participation ribbon in gold
Kokeeno - Participation ribbon in gold
Meister P - Participation ribbon
Cobra - Participation ribbon
Acidpain - Participation ribbon
Gimli - Participation ribbon
Dragoon - Participation ribbon
Walfish - Participation ribbon

Eagle Squadron:

Mc Hrozni - Participation ribbon
BaaweeR10 - Participation ribbon
Nazzdakka - Participation ribbon in bronze
Specter - Participation ribbon
Scave - Participation ribbon
Airdbaer - Participation ribbon

Falcon Squadron:

Lord Hexer - Participation ribbon in gold
Lady Shada - Participation ribbon in bronze
SW Alliance - Participation ribbon in gold
Ravin - Participation ribbon in gold
Sznfktm - Participation ribbon in silver
Lord Fel - Participation ribbon in silver
StingA - Participation ribbon
Ola Solo - Participation ribbon

Condor Squadron:

Sacrilegius - Participation ribbon in bronze
Noodle Demon - Participation ribbon
Diogenes - Participation ribbon
Nighthawk - Participation ribbon

Storm Squadron: (High Command players)

Flamestrike - Participation ribbon
Jodokast - Participation ribbon in gold
Web Maestro - Participation ribbon in silver
Orjac - Participation ribbon
GMK - Participation ribbon


Delta Squadron:
Devereaux - Participation ribbon in Silver
Mott - Participation ribbon
Boussh - Participation ribbon
Jedi Lord - Participation ribbon

Lambda Squadron:
Brood - Participation ribbon
Ackbar Jedi - Participation ribbon

Iota Squadron:
Jargis - Participation ribbon in Silver
Joraxle - Participation ribbon in Bronze
Calimar - Participation ribbon

Theta Squadron:
Darth Mole - Participation ribbon in bronze
Ocker - Participation ribbon in bronze

Omicron Squadron:
Spazz - Participation ribbon
Avogwi Face - Participation ribbon
Cosmic Debris - Participation ribbon

Kappa Squadron:
Maverick - Participation ribbon
Urza - Participation ribbon
Matthius Zero - Participation ribbon
Solo Ave - Participation ribbon
Wild Weasel - Participation ribbon

Omega Squadron:
Marauder - Participation ribbon
Bravesfan - Participation ribbon

Beta Squadron:
Dark Saber - Participation ribbon
Veers - Participation ribbon

Gryphon Squadron:
Glowing Gecko -Participation ribbon in silver
Kemgezope - Participation ribbon
Tycho Celchu - Participation ribbon
Athlon - Participation ribbon

Hawk Squadron:
Blackeagle - Participation ribbon
Thor - Participation ribbon
Haffkes - Participation ribbon in silver

Raven Squadron:
Odin - Participation ribbon in bronze
Drichion - Participation ribbon in gold
Equalizer - Participation ribbon
Marine - Participation ribbon in gold
Darkpetzi - Participation ribbon in silver
Falcon20 - Participation ribbon

That's a list hm? Again congratulation to everybody, you all deserved this ribbon. Some may be not in the squadrons anymore but they did a very good job.

Now we go on with the top three overall scoreres, the mission hot shots of TFA. For a long time it looked already won by Jodokast from Storm but well, at the end it was only place three for him. Place two is captured by Apocalypse from Phoenix, who managed to gather this place with one missed round. Luckily it was the mission with the lowest possible score but it deserves a lot of respect not to give up even if one round is wasted and of course to be at the top then, is outstanding. But the top scorer of TFA is Raider also a Phoenixian. You three can be very proud of yourself. Here is the list again:

Place one: Commander Raider from Phoenix
Place two: Commander Apocalypse from Phoenix
Place three: Admiral Jodokast from Storm

Congratulations gents, the ribbon for this will be in your Bios soon. Now we come to the squadron awards, there will be two. First of for the most active squadron, Phoenix stand to. You guys managed to get 46 entries in, this is more then the whole TRA fleet together. Again congratulations, all pilots from your squadron who flew the league will recieve the special ribbon for this.

And now to the trophy, until now it rested in the safe in my office on Coruscant but now it's time that this trophy goes to the league winner. And the winner is nobody else then Phoenix squadron again. You guys dominated the league from the begin in a stuning way. This trophy is well earned. Congratulations Phoenix!!!

Phew, now I can come to an end, finally. Again I thank all participants of the league. There will be a small surprise from event soon, so keep your eyes open at this comlink. The ribbons will appear in the next days in your Bios, give logistics some time to add them. This is all from my side and now PARTY and Phoenix is paying, weeeeee!!!!


Editor: Raider

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