Berlin R/L Tournament A-Wing
  by whiskeysmoker 2003/09/20 13:00 CET

Sixteen men, one Lucky Angel, a room with a Berlin view, the scene is set for the first real life DJO tournament.
The game was XvT, and the participants were from both the light and, the dark side. To the casual bystander, the room was full of men of all shapes and sizes. To the seasoned pro, it was a room full of pilots with itchy trigger fingers, and an atmosphere of pure adrenalin. Gauntlets were dropped, whispered bets were made, and tactic fever was rife. The tournament was a go!

The first order of the event was which ship to use. This was decided by votes. There was a lot of excitement, which ship were the pilots going to be flying? The votes were counted and the decision was made.


Assault Gunboat...... III
TIE interceptor........ I
A-Wing.............. IIII
X-WIng............... III
TIES Advanced.......... 0
Y_Wing................. 0
TIE Bomber............. 0
Z-95 Headhunter........ I
TIE Fighter.......... III

There were fifteen votes and one abstinence.

A cheer went up from those that had voted for the A-Wing, and an audible collective sigh, from those that had not!

The tournament got off to a roaring start. Each player had bought his own joy stick/game pad, and configured to their preferred specs. Once this was done, the game began in earnest.
As the games were 1v1 they were played five minutes on one players host, and a further five minutes on the other host. This is to eliminate any unfair advantages. The two results are then added to create a final score.

The games were fiercely fought, and intently watched by those waiting to play. The kill/deaths were recorded for public perusal by The Lucky Angel, and her assistant Noodledemon. As the numbers dwindled, the outcome was predicted, re-predicted and dissected! The end result was the final.

The final was JODOKAST v Denber seeded (1) and (5) respectively. The favourite to win was quite obviously the number one seed JODOKAST. Two men with a ferocious look of concentration, squaring up to each other in the dark void of space. Raider was overheard commenting " I have never seen anything like it, they were dancing with each other".
It was a very close game as the score relates, Denber was the triumphant victor to an ecstatic round of applause.

There was a short award ceremony afterwards, with all participants receiving a StarWars related memento. The prizes were donated by JODOKAST from his own collection, and were received with great pleasure. The winner received a limited edition five dollar silver coin. To see pictures of this very special event please see the Berlin photo albums and video.

XvT Berlin R/L Tournament Brackets

*S* to all those brave men that fought so valiantly