WoW 24

Written by Steeler, Meister P, Amber and Fjap.

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Flamestrike or Bob sat in his office and watched Fjap make a whole Nerf herd out of himself. He chuckled lightly he'd found out what his role was in this world. It was so much better to be a Vice Admiral than just 'Bob'. Bob had found out that people actually listened to him and tended to follow his orders to the letter. He'd had heaps of fun making a stormtrooper walk repeatedly into a wall by shouting orders at him. He was aware that there was someone trying to tell him something. He closed his eyes and listened for a moment. Suddenly he turned around and looked at a officer that was busy filing some unimportant letters from someone called Vader.

He pointed at him and said: "What if you were a parrot?"

The man stiffened and jumped up on the table. There he stood and looked lopsidedly at Bob and made small squeaky noises. Bob clapped his hand together, this was just too much. He turned the singing Chief Pilot off and wandered off into the ship. He finally entered the bridge. There was so much life in here, so much chaos. Bob stood still a few moments and felt the sensation flow through him. These men would all listen to him and do what he said. He looked around, every thing was so dull, so grey, like it was a surgery or something. Which reminded him. He went down to the medical bay and sent the officers on watch count the stars 'because the blasted Rebels have invented a new sort of weapon that camouflages it self to look like the stars'. Then he fiddled with the medical droids for a moment and added some minor modifications. Then he went and tested the 'modifications'. In the corridor outside the medical bay he found the first victim. He walked over to him and stepped hard on his foot.

"Owwww that hurt you son of a.....Oh sorry sir." The man hopped on one foot.

"Iím so very sorry, here let me help you in to the medical bay."

The med droids swarmed over the man when they entered. Clothes ripped and came flying and faint mumbling came from the hapless man. When it was all done Bob looked at the guinea pig. It seem that it worked perfectly, the man was covered from head to toe in pink bandages, except from his injured foot. A big swollen toe stood out like a, well, big swollen toe. "Perfect. Thank you for volunteering to participate in this dangerous mission." Exclaimed Bob and ushered the man out of the medical bay. He set course for the hangar, after making the men from the medical bay start three times over in counting the stars, and confiscated a large hydrospanner from a man that was hopping on one foot after he'd stepped on the other. After that he left a trail of hopping men all through the ship. Bob felt happy.

At the outpost somewhere between the Diablo and Fítral, Binky and Eyrn were still busy with looking for a possibility to get a passage to the Phoenix frigate. Eyrn got a bad feeling since she reached that station and so she decided to hide the barrel with the strange metal for now. Binky was like always full of enthusiasm and didnít want to listen to Eyrn to be more careful then usual. And so it ended like it had to end. In the evening as Binky returned from the cantina he ran into a strange looking man in their quarter.

The tall man smiled and raised his blaster: " And there is Binky! Nice now we have both of you. I told you Eyrn we will get him too. The Boss will be very confident with us. Finally we can get back the lost daughter and I can get my payment. "

Eyrn looked proud in the eyes of the man: " I should have know this Olin, you are still the same. " Olin... Binky heard this name before and he was shocked. Olin Jarvis was the number two of the bounty hunters order right after Boba Fett and he worked for Eyrns father. Binky knew that the game was over for him and Eyrn.

Olin smiled: " Well, too sad I got orders to get you alive. Well anyway, the Boss will be happy to see you... " Then both were brought into the Firespray of Jarvis and the craft headed to the secret fortress of the Syndicate.

It was awaking time on board of the Intrepid. P smiled sarcastically he didnít close one eye in the night, Rookies snore was too loud to allow him to sleep. The Jedi tried to find some sleep, he tried to move the Commodore on a side but soon he lay on his back again and the snore started again. The Jedi was shortly before throwing the pillow over as he noticed thatís already time to wake up. P meditated for half an hour then he woke up Rookie.

The Commodore yawned: " Night over already? Geez Iím still tired. Iím always tired when Iím not on board of the Diablo. " Rookie looked around in the bunk: " Well this place is nicer then the last one where I was in when I was on board of this ship. Where is the breakfast? "

P pointed on the table: " There. Too sad that we canít inform OD that we have our big day today. Well, I hope you are prepared. "

The Commodore nodded: " I hope so too. I think the last time I felt like this was for years... my school exam in maths. "

P grinned: " School hee hee. Itís a long time. And how did you in it? "

Rookie sighed: " I failed, I really did bad. "

The Jedi: " I canít imagine that you failed an exam... "

Rookie grinned: " Why not? I failed and spent the summer with learning and in autumn I repeated the exam. "

" And? "

Rookie grinned: " Then I passed but I will not get a second chance there, right? It must be perfect the first time we try it. But now breakfast first.... "

At the same time Jodokast and Amber arrived at the Titan. The whole crew wear bikinis or boxer shorts.

Jodo sighed: " Oh my god... is it that bad? "

Amber was surprised too: " Whatís going on there? "

In this moment Flamey came into the hangar: " Itís summer in the city. So Jodo why you are in this uncomfortable uniform? "

Jodo answered: " Because the navy orders it. "

" Bleh, the navy. Nobody will ever hear from it, donít be such a square. Nowhere stands itís not allowed to have some fun. I know you have nice red RG shorts, I want to see you in one in 5 minutes. " With these words Flamey returned to the bridge.

" Oh dear, red shorts? " was Amberís first comment. Jodo turned around: " I better do what he says. You have to inform the JAG and the rest of the RGs. We must find a way to change him back to Flamestrike. "

" Why the JAG? " asked Amber.

" Well this is against the rules of the TFA and we need a JAG to sort this out, call Shadow Warrior because Battledog has to watch the Diablo in the meantime. "

" But red shorts Jodo? "

" Shut up! If I ever hear that you told anybody from this then... "

Amber grinned: " I would suggest the following... I will forget the red shorts and you forget my dog. Deal or not? " Jodokast knew that he had to agree or he had to accept that everybody will hear about his beloved red RG shorts.

With a sigh he answered: " Ok, deal. "

Back at Bikkev. Steeler was still there as the stormtroopers came with Desmo and Piett.

Fritz stared at the Sith: " What now? These two are searched by the empire. I will send them to the high court. "

Steeler stood up slowly: " Thatís not necessary, Iím taking care for them by myself. " Piett wanted to say something but Desmo stepped on his foot before he could. The result was a very angry view over to Desmo but to scare a Wookie was nearly impossible.

Desmo leaned over and whispered: " This is a chance. "

Steeler herself noticed this little event with some amusing but then she said to the two stormtroopers: " Bring those two traitors in todayís Lycros freighter. Make sure that they have no chance to escape. " The two stormtroopers saluted and pushed their prisoners out. Steeler looked at Fritz again: " Do not forget what I told you. The Emperor isnít confident with the metal ratios you sent in the last weeks. Double your efforts or he will come personally and visit you. "

Fritz gulped: " I will. In the opposite you have to avoid that he will come here ok? "

Steeler grinned evil: " Only when you fulfil your duty Fritz. " Then she turned around and left the office and walked over to the freighter to meet the stormtroopers again.

Back at the Intrepid. Some rebel soldiers came and took Rookie and P again to the Conference room where the High Command members already waited. There were Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, Leia and Han Solo, Jan Dodona, Crixx Maddine and Luke Skywalker - the most important rebels even. P wasnít surprised to see Skywalker even when it meant that now the rebellion would know that P is a Jedi. Surprised Luke looked over, a Jedi as an Imperial, he never expected this. P moved his attention over to the Commodore. Meister smiled at him in a cheering up way then he moved a bit to the right to have a better view at Mon Mothma. P folded his arms in front of his chest and looked again at Skywalker. Rookie noticed this behaviour of P, it was clear that the young Jedi tried to impress Luke.

Mon Mothma cleared her throat: " Ok, letís start. I think we all know Commodore Rookie, Squadron leader of the Phoenix Squadron. Rookie wants to prove that the Phoenix - Squad didnít cause the war in the unarmed zone. Commodore, your turn. "

Rookie nodded: " Good morning and thank you for the permission to speak here. To tell the fully truth itís correct we were in the unarmed zone but first not at Donnn. We were in the neighbour system Ladron. "

Han Solo interrupted: " Thatís bad enough. "

Rookie nodded again: " I agree but it wasnít the fault of the Phoenixians. I donít know how much the rebel alliance is informed about the structure of my squad but my ex XO is a Sith. Her name is Steeler, she used to be one of the most loyal imperial officers I knew. But this changed, we donít know why, we are still searching for an answer. "

Luke raised a hand: " One question... how is this possible? "

He looked over to P: " A Sith and a Jedi can never work in one and the same team. "

Meister answered with a calm voice: " It worked and it worked very well until she changed. "

Han asked again: " Stop... we are speaking about a Sith right? What has a Jedi to do with it? "

P answered him too: " Iím the Jedi. "

Now all stared first at P and then over to Luke who raised his hands: " Donít ask me, I donít understand it myself. "

Mon Mothma said: " We can discuss this matter later. Commodore continue please. "

Rookie: " Well this Sith changed and started to hunt us or I should better say she started to play with us. She managed to lock the access key codes and we lost our living systems and we travelled with hyperspace engines with an unknown course through the space. We had no idea where we would end. Finally we managed to create a virus and copied it in our computer systems. This was the only way around the key codes but we ended in Ladron. Believe me we didnít want to end there. "

Han Solo nodded: " Whoever had the idea with the virus is a genius. Thatís really the only way around the secure systems I can think too. "

Leia asked: " So it was an accident. But why you didnít inform the alliance governor about your status? Second what you did in Donnn then? "

Rookie sighed: " We was informed that Captain Savage and his troops guard the frontier at rebel side and Savage would like to cut my crew and me in small little pieces before listening to our reasons. Our aim was to repair the frigate and a return into imperial space as fast as possible. "

Mon Mothma asked: " Why this big hate against Savage? And btw a lot of people would like to see the Commodore Rookie in chains. "

Rookie nodded: " Same counts for Mon Mothma on the opposite side of the frontier. "

" Good counter. " she smiled back: " Continue please what happened then? "

Rookie: " We got a help call from the imperial colony at Donnn Three. We sent an reckon team at the planet and they returned with some survivors and the bad news that the colony is destroyed. In the meantime we was betrayed by your ex XO to Savage who wanted to finish us once and forever. I have to add we werenít able to protect ourselves and we had to rescue the lives of imperial civilians. Thatís why we played the trick with the Order of Bakalla but Iím sure your people would act the same way when they would be the same situation. "

" When this would be the truth then I have to agree but I have no clue if it is the truth. Who attacked Donnn Three? " was the comment of Leia.

Rookie sighed: " I want to show you a tape when you would allow. "

Mon Mothma nodded: " Granted, show us the tape. " After looking the attack of the Stingers and Red Wolves at Donnn Three there was silence then Mon Mothma said: " We have to check if the tape is manipulated, we will inform you about our decision. Thank you Commodore Rookie. Bring them back into their quarter. " Then the meeting with the rebel high command was over.

Back on board of the Titan Amber tried to stay in the background until Shadow Warrior would arrive. She wouldnít like to run around in a bikini. Flamey and Jodo sat direct in the middle of the hangar and played poker both in their red RG shorts. Amber spent the time in the shuttle hoping nobody searched for her.

She saw how Jodo stood up and walked over to her: " Awwww, before you ask I Ďm not wearing a bikini, no way! "

The WCXO shook his head: " I want you to return to the Diablo and tell the rest of the RGs to come over. Flamey or Bob is more ill then before. I never expected it that worse. The bridge crew think itís a nerf herd. The engineering crew in the medical station all in pink bandages. The stormtroopers are busy with painting the ISD in a light green, itís horrific but Flamey thinks itís cool and it has an positive effect on the nerf herd. " Amber was busy to avoid not to giggle, it was hard enough not to stare at the shorts but Jodo noticed: " I donít think thatís funny. I need help here, Flamey needs help. I think Bob knows that Flamey exist but not the opposite way. Flamey would be shocked if he ever finds out what happened here. Besides this when Shadow sees this mess, I better donít think at the results. "

Amber nodded: " Iím on my way Sir. No worries, we will sort this thing out. "

In the quarter of Rookie and P again. Rookie walked around the whole time: " Why they need that long? Why they donít believe us? It would be so simple, they saw the truth! "

P who meditated opened one eye: " Would you please take a seat or at least stop those wandering around. You drive me nuts. " Rookie didnít listen. P sighed: " Junior! " Normally this word always got attention but not this time. Finally P used the force push and Rookie landed on his bed. " Listen Junior, try to stay relaxed. You told them the truth I think you reached your goal. Anyways you did your best but now let me think about some things before they will tell us their decision. "

Rookie wasnít too happy: " Why everybody pushes me around, first Steel now you. Do I look like a punchball? "

P: " When you would listen to me before then I wouldnít be forced to push you. Besides this I donít think it hurt. " In this moment Mon Mothma came into the quarter.

Friendly she said: " We checked the tape and itís not manipulated. Well, thank you that you informed us about this happening in the unarmed zone. We will have a serious interview with Captain Savage about this event. We had less reason to trust you Commodore but we accept that the rescuing of lives was necessary at Donnn Three. Our forces got the order to return to the alliance side and not to attack imperial forces as ordered first. "

Rookie was delighted: " So the war is over? "

Mon Mothma nodded: " It is over from our side. When the imperial side will not attack our ships itís over. Our diplomats can discuss about a new unarmed zone contract soon. "

Rookie smiled: " Thank you. We saved a lot of lifes this time. "

" You did. " answered Mon Mothma.

P stood up: " Somebody has to contact our high command about this event. We shouldnít risk anything now. "

Mon Mothma nodded again: " True, we already did it. "

P smiled: " Thatís great. Another thing... what happens to the Commodore now? "

She answered: " There is a small problem, you two know now the position of our headquarter. We canít allow you to return home. "

" So we are prisoners by the Alliance now? " asked Rookie.

" Nope, guests but not prisoners. You can walk around in freedom but you are not allowed to leave the Intrepid. Iím sorry but itís necessary for our secure. " Mon Mothma walked to the door: " I have more political decisions to made. We can talk later. Iím sorry that you have to stay here. " Then she left the quarter.

Rookie said: " I should have known that before now I will never see the Diablo again. " He sighed.

P smiled: " Not so sure Junior. You are here with a Jedi. Last time a Sith helped and this time I will help but first I have to talk with Skywalker. He could help us. Stay here... best you sleep a little bit. " With these words P left the quarter too and really there werenít any guards around anymore.

Ginyard returned in the meantime at the El Pollo together with Tobi and Ulysses. There was big confusion all over the ship especially about the order of the wing commander to paint the frigate pink. Nearly at the same time Amber came back from the Titan. She searched for Viking who commanded the Diablo.

As she told him what happened on board of the ISD the RG Commander got pale: " As I saw Bob the first time I was a pilot in the Eaglesquad a long time ago. I canít believe it! Heís really back? This explains a lot especially this paint - the - frigate - pink - order. Thanks Amber, we will start immediately, can we use your Tie Advanced fighters? "

Amber nodded: " Of course you can. Sort this out and please try to get our old FS back. I donít want to work in a pink frigate for the rest of my life. "

Vik nodded: " I understand. I hope Jodo can slow down Bob. Nobody knows what evil plans he has. Anyway we are off here. You must deal with the rebels alone for a while but Iím sure thatís not a problem. "

Tobi who entered the bridge heard the last words: " Of course itís not. We are the Phoenixians! "

Amber turned around: " Tobi!!! How you could escape? "

Tobi smiled: " I had the help of a nice guy called Jedi Knight, I think you still know him Vik. "

The Viking: " A fine guy but always with a drifting to the rebel side and aware of the force. Did you said he helped you? "

Tobi nodded: " He did, thatís why Iím free. But I got separated from Apo and I donít know where he is. "

Amber sighed: " We will find him. At least you are back! At least one good news today... Vik, you should help poor Jodokast now. "

The Viking nodded: " Yes, Iím off here. Amber you know how to command this frigate. "

In this moment OD stormed at the bridge and shouted: " Good news! The High Command approved that the war with the Alliance here in the unarmed zone is over! Rookie managed this! I hope he will return soon, then party time! "

Amber smiled: " Maybe this will become a good day after all. Only Bob must be healed, then itís perfect. "

The Viking: " You were right OD, Rookie didnít fail. We will re-judge his actions but Piett still has a problem with helping him to escape. Well this is Battledogís and Shadow Warriorís work not mine. We have to try to get Flamey back. Wish us luck. "

OD asked: " Could I stay here with my squadron? I want to be here when Jun... ehem Rookie returns. "

Viks answer was short: " Granted but donít let him hear that you call him Junior. "

Suddenly Amber had an idea how to avoid that Bob can take over command of the Diablo. She called for Akkon. " Akkon, can you chance all commando key codes and avoid that FS can take over our frigate. "

The Senior Chief Pilot nodded: " Rookie asked me to do this right after our little trip to Ladron. It will take only 10 minutes to change all. "

Amber smiled: " Great work, so FS canít push our frigate around. "

At the same time in Abalone. Captain Savage was informed that Commodore Han Solo will visit him. Savage never liked Solo and he wasnít too happy about this surprising visit. He called Raider and ordered him to prepare all for the meeting. Raider did like ordered as he again met the vision of Steeler again.

Raider said: " I should have known. What you want this time? "

Steeler wrote again with her lightsaber: " Savage asked the Brotherhood for help and they granted him some help. In the next days one or two of us will visit him, I canít have a look at them. I have enough to do with Piettís and Desmoís capture. I want to know who will visit Savage. I think I know their names but I need proves. "

Raider: " Proves for what? "

Steeler: " Somebody in the brotherhood works against me. He tries to destroy Phoenix and I think we will go another way now. I must know who is my enemy. Btw, you will save the Phoenixians that way too. "

Raider answered: " I have no other choice then doing what you want but donít overdo it. My patience with you runs out. "

" It takes so long as it takes, Raider. "

P walked through the corridors of the Intrepid looking for the force presence of Luke Skywalker. He found him in one of the X Wing hangars: " I think we have something to discuss Skywalker. "

In the opposite of P Luke didnít felt the presence of the other Jedi and so he turned around surprised: " Uhm... yes... true. How did you managed this? "

P asked back: " What? "

" You can come so close and I didnít noticed it. "

P sat down on a crate next to Luke: " As you noticed in the meeting, a Sith and a Jedi together is strange but it has also some advantages. The dark side has it advantages too like the bright one. Steeler and me didnít only work together, we were allied. One helped the other so I learned something about the dark side and she learned something about the bright one. I learned to hide myself better and she learned a bit more patience, not enough I have to admit. In each other case Savage would be dead since months. Maybe this was my mistake that I stopped her but I donít think Rookie would be alive then. Itís difficult to judge this. "

Luke was so surprised that he could only ask: " Allied? "

P nodded: " Allied. We rescued Rookie from Savage and then we rescued Rooks wife from Savage too. But then something happened... Steeler went to revenge duty against the Dark Brotherhood of the Sith and she returned as one of them. Since then sheís after us but on the other hand she still helps us. She told us what to do to stop that war. "

Luke answered: " Strange... well, then our position is known by at least 3 persons. "

" Nope seven persons, also Navy Captain Desmoquattro, Navy Captain Piett and my friends Binky and his wife Eyrn know the position of your headquarter. Itís kinda useless to keep us here. When Rookie canít return I know the Phoenixians will come and free him. You maybe know what it means to be a Phoenixian. We stand together in every situation and Rookie and myself are Phoenixians. The Squadron will come, believe me. Even our reservists like Desmoquattro and some others will come, maybe also the whole wing and the new wing. It would be better when you let us go I will take care that the position of the headquartier will not be told to anybody. In the meantime you can move it. "

Luke nodded: " You donít try to blackmail me right? Anyways, thatís a good idea but Iím not sure if I can trust you... "

P smiled: "Ask Yoda. "

Luke was even more surprised: " Yoda is dead but why you know him? "

Meister smiled: " I had a few seances with him and he was it you teached me thatís better to be the passive one. Btw do you know the prophecy about the alliance of a Sith and a Jedi? "

" Never heard of it... "

P: " Ok, then we make a deal. As soon as I found out what in the prophecy stands I will inform you, should be interesting for you too. We can ally against the Dark Brotherhood then and get Steel back. Together we have a bigger chance. " Luke sighed: " I really donít understand what you mean but well... "

P asked: " Could you try to convince Leia or Mon Mothma to let us go? "

" I will try. Btw, I still donít know your name... "

" Meister P, short only P. "

At the same time on board of the metal freighter, the two stormtroopers used some handcuffs to fix also the feet of Piett and Desmo. Steeler entered the freighter and looked at those two troopers: " You arenít needed anymore, Fritz will promote you as soon as you return so go before he thinks twice. " Both stormtrooper headed away as fast as they could, they nearly run. Steeler turned around to Piett and Desmo: " I canít free you but have your eyes open. You will see something only a few saw before. Maybe the Phoenixians can find a way to free you. I donít think we will meet again, so farewell Desmo and Piett. " Steeler turned around but shortly before she left the freighter she looked back and waved her right hand and the handcuffs from fixing the feet landed on the floor. Then she went to her A Wing " Hopper ".

P returned into the quarter and saw that Rookie followed his advice. The Commodore slept again and again there was this unbelievable snoring. Sometime P would get berserk even when he was a Jedi. He sat on his bed and tried to meditate again because he already knew sleeping would be impossible next to Rookie. All was bright around P and then there was Yoda again.

P smiled: " Finally... "

But Yoda interrupted: " No time we have. The danger is nearly here we canít stopp them before arriving anymore. P, you have to find the Sith and ally with her. "

" But Yoda, you know how difficult this task is. Besides this nobody knows the prophecy only you and you arenít willing to tell me. "

Yodaís answer: " No time for discussing stayed for us. Ally with Luke and go to the Sith, remember your strongest advantage against her... she is curious, use it! Before you discuss on... watch this! " With these words Yodaís vision left and P got another vision... somebody shook him:

" Wake up! "

P opened his eyes and saw Rookies face: " What? "

The Commodore: " You screamed... what happened? A bad dream? "

P shook his head: " I saw the dark fleet for the first time... I saw our death. It was horrific to see this and I couldnít do anything. Not without Steel but she wasnít there. "

Rookie sat next to him: " We will get her back, Iím sure of it. When Steel wouldnít helped us in Bikkev I would think too itís hopeless but not after the events of Bikkev. "

" I canít say how much I hope you are right. It was unbelievable... I still donít know fully what I saw. "

Luke Skywalker came into the quarter: " I have spoken with Leia and... "

P jumped on his feet: " We canít stay! We must go or all is lost! "

Luke: " I donít know what you are talking about. You speak in miracles P, anyways, Leia and Mon Mothma decided to let you two go. But give us some time to move our headquarter. "

P looked serious in Lukes eyes: " Not the alliance is the enemy number one and the same counts for us anymore. I can see bad things happen in the next future. Luke come with us, donít ask why, simply come with us. "

" I canít, I have important things to do. Besides this I canít go to an Imperial frigate remember Iím one of the most searched people in the empire. " P looked over to Rookie.

The Commodore sighed: " When P says itís important then itís important. Even when my word will not count much anymore I can guarantee you a save place on board of the El Pollo Diablo. "

Sykwalker thought about the offer for a short moment: " Well ok. I think I can take this risk. Letís go. "

" We will take the firebird, P find out where the Diablo is located please. "

" Yes Sir. "

Bob sat on his bridge waiting for the arrival of Shadow Warrior: " Course set? "

" Yes Sir. " answered one of the officers.

Bob asked on: " When will Shadow Warriors shuttle arrive? "

" In 5 minutes, Sir! "

Bob rubbed his skin: " And the rest of the RGs? "

" At the same time Sir. "

Bob smiled evil: " Give them landing permission immediately when they arrive, clear? "

" Yes Sir. "

Now it was waiting but Bob was happy. His plan worked perfect finally he could take revenge only Fjap was missing. But when he watched the recording of Fjapís show he was most amused anyway.

The voice of an officer woke him on his daydream: " RGís and Shadow Warrior are landed Sir. "

Bob grinned: " Hyperdrive engines... GO! " Then as the ISD jumped into the hyperspace he was still grinning: " And now my beloved crew... itís party time! "

Amber was informed that Rookie and P were on the way back to the frigate. She wondered where Piett and Demo were but well she would know soon.

Cobra stepped next to her: " Jerry is in your bunk again and Fluffy in Rookies as requested. Next time we hide our mascots earlier. "

Amber nodded: " Thank you Cobra and you are right we will not give Jodo the possibility again to get them. "

Katarn stepped next to her: " The Firebird is arrived, they will land in a few minutes. " Maybe 5 minutes later Commodore Rookie entered the bridge together with Meister P and Luke Skywalker. Especially Luke got the attention of the Phoenixians.

Rookie grinned: " Problem solved now to the next. "

Amber smiled back and decided not to tell about Bob for now: " Congrats Junior... ehem Rookie. Where are Piett and Desmo? "

P asked quietly: " They arenít back? "

" No... "

" Any messages? " asked Rookie.

OD shook his head: " Simply nothing. "

" Hm, this isnít good. Anyway what did you found out over this strange metal? " was the next of Rookies questions.

Amber looked at him with a puzzled view in her eyes: " Strange metal? Which metal? "

P jumped into the conversation again: " Binky and Eyrn arenít here either? Damn what happened with them? "

Rookie looked over to P and raised an eyebrow: " Well, your friends even. Criminals what did you expected? "

P shouted: " Binky would never let me down! " P punched on the next table sending Akkonís coffee flying. Akkon went mad with P but the Jedi calmed him down with bringing him a new cup of coffee. In this moment there was a transmission from the Titan.

Shadow Warrior was on the screen: " Somebody rescue us, Flamey is total out of control now! " In the background you could hear a strange music, the crew worn strange clothes.

Rookie asked surprised: " Whatís going on? "

Shadow: " He calls this carnival. They drink, sing, dance and wear those strange things. " Shadow pointed at a strange looking hat he had on his head: " Somebody told me thatís a cowboy hat but what to hell is a cowboy? Also Flamey has all RGs here besides OD and Rodeo and they canít do a thing against him. RESCUE ME!!!! RODEO!!!! ROOKIE!!!! ANYBODY!!!! " The transmission was ended.

Rookie turned around to Amber: " Whatís with Flamey? " he asked with a bad feeling.

Fjap sighed: " He changed back to Bob... "

Now it was Rookie who punched the table and send Akkonís new cup of coffee flying: " This will be the next problem we have to solve. "

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